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Make a donation to help us with our vet bills.
Donate canned or dry cat and kitten food.
We need litter, toys, & beds.


PO BOX 539

Cat Assistance makes every effort to help local residents with help for low cost spay & neuter through the veterinarians that we work with. \

We offer low cost spaying and neutering for those unable to afford the full cost. This program is offered primarily for feral cats. We also have several traps that we lend out, as well as several Cat Assistance volunteers willing to help with TNR.

We also offer low cost spaying/neutering of cats in feral colonies as long as there is someone willing to feed and maintain the colony of cats.

For More Informatiomn Please Contact Sarah at or call 914-419-2574


Adorable Piper’s Emergency Fund

We need your help!

Adorable little Piper is a 4-month-old pit bull puppy that was hit by a car, resulting in a broken femur and pelvic injuries as well as bruising to her bladder.

Her owner could not afford to care for her and allowed us to take her into the rescue.

We rushed her our vet and called in the orthopedic specialist who performed surgery to repaired the femur which was broken in two places! He put in a metal plate and two pins that will allow the bone to heal, but it will be a long recovery.

The surgery cost $2,000 dollars but WE COULD NOT TURN HER AWAY! Once she has healed we will find an amazing home for her with owners that will love her unconditionally and never allow her to be in harm’s way again.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to help us help us - every dollar counts!

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